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In June 2021, OneRail announced its entry into the SAP Store with our Last Mile Delivery Fulfillment Solution. The SAP Store provides users a simple, seamless online shopping experience similar to any other E-Commerce site. The catch is, rather than solely tangible items, the SAP shop enables the purchase of some of the world’s most sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Our Last Mile Delivery Fulfillment Solution provides SAP customers the ability to instantaneously scale delivery demand. A quick integration connects E-Commerce with nationwide delivery coverage — yes, you read that right. After integration, E-Commerce customers have the ability to ship nationwide with complete visibility, all while providing a unique and branded customer experience.

From partnership to proving ground

From capacity issues to high costs, retailers can no longer afford to take a risk on their final mile delivery. OneRail’s Last Mile Delivery solution is a game changer for E-commerce players. It provides ultimate efficiency, from dispatch to doorstep.

“Being part of the SAP Store demonstrates that OneRail can integrate an E-commerce company, provide a single integration for a national delivery coverage, provide delivery visibility, as well as a consumer experience,” said OneRail EVP of Product and Enterprise Development Steven Goforth.

Available on the SAP Store

Consider all that the OneRail Last Mile Delivery Fulfillment Solution can do for you:

One Deal, Instant National Coverage

Gone are the days of negotiating the best delivery rates in every city. Our solution allows retailers to limit their negotiations to one conversation. Immediately upon integration, our trusted delivery network provides customers with nationwide delivery coverage.

Massive Courier Capacity

We not only simplify your delivery process, we put your mind at ease. OneRail’s national delivery network is made up of over 7.5+ million trusted drivers across 180 major cities in North America. Fully vetted and able to handle the gamut of delivery fulfillment options, our couriers ensure your goods are always in good hands.

Easy Integration for One Working Relationship

OneRail simplifies delivery fulfilment by providing a one-stop-shop integration. We get you up to speed quickly, so you can begin transforming your supply chain efficiencies, increasing your capacity and delivery speeds, and reducing costs. No more managing multiple couriers or logging in to separate systems — one dashboard does it all.

End-to-End Visibility 

100% visibility across your entire supply chain is essential for both customers and employees. OneRail provides the option to embed live tracking features and historic data right into an E-Commerce administrative dashboard. This feature makes it easy for every party to stay informed on the status of a delivery, and for our couriers to meet and exceed an on-time rate of 98.6%.

Completely Control the Customer Experience

Our solution allows E-Commerce retailers to create a 1-to-1 relationship with their customers. Each point of contact can be customized to the retailer’s branding. Customers can receive delivery notifications via SMS or email as live updates occur, creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

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