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The pandemic played a huge role in pushing consumers to online channels. A survey conducted in 2019 stated that 81% of consumers had never used online channels to purchase groceries. Only a year later did that number shift with 78% indicating the use of an online channel to purchase groceries.

Food and beverage made up 2% of total E-Commerce sales in 2019. Fast forward to 2020 and that number jumped 54% coming in at 12.5%.
E-Commerce Grocery has skyrocketed since Covid-19

The demand for online and curbside pickup options forced grocers to pivot, pushing many to implement practices to expand capabilities. Common capabilities include dark store fulfillment, use of 3PLs, and implementation of white label solutions.

  • Dark Stores – fulfillment centers dedicated to preparing online orders and making deliveries. Many organizations are turning to dark stores to fulfill consumer demand rather than opening consumer-facing terrain.
  • Delivery with 3PL’s – A third-party logistics provider is the outsourcing of E-Commerce logistics processes. Many businesses find using a 3PL useful when fulfilling customer orders in-house is no longer feasible.
  • White Label Solutions – A product or solution, branded and implemented to an organization’s client. Typically developed by company A but rebranded and sold by company B. A white label solution is a great product to implement in grocery Final Mile. Organizations can customize customers’ experiences from the second they enter a site, to the moment the item is delivered.

While experts are predicting E-Commerce sales to diminish as the vaccine becomes available to all, it is likely E-commerce grocery shopping habits are here to stay. E-commerce is expected to make up 21.5% of total grocery sales by 2025– strongly indicating the fact that consumers’ purchase habits have shifted from trial to habit.

It is fair to say the world of grocery shopping may never be the same but that is not necessarily a bad thing. E-Commerce grocery shopping presents an exciting opportunity for retailers to streamline operations like never before. Consumers can benefit from the convenience of E-Commerce grocery shopping while being presented with a customized shopping experience. AI algorithm models make it easy for grocers to offer an experience unique to the consumer. Consumer’s shopping habits will be traced and tracked to provide an optimized E-Commerce experience. For example, a consumer who is searching online for chicken will be presented with recommendations for a complementary dry rub. Gone are the days of searching down every aisle. E-commerce grocery shopping is the future. Implementing an efficient solution is crucial for a grocer’s success.

A white label delivery solution could be a grocers key to success.

A white label solution is a fully supported product service made by one company but sold by another. The implementation of a white label solution essentially allows a company to quickly plug in a solution that is completely branded to them- just built by another company. For grocers considering a white label solution, a great quick to ask is: Why build, when you can buy?

Optimize your resources.

Building a solution takes time, expertise, and a lot of resources – a white label solution is built by company A to specifically solve company B’s problem. White label solutions are often fully integrated and ready to be branded to an organization. A company that decides to buy versus build will be free from the concern of spending research and development on a product. Time and resources are precious. Grocers must implement a solution that provides optimization.

Ensure Loyalty Every Time

Customer loyalty is everything. You need a solution that ensures your customers are satisfied, every time. A white label solution allows grocers to seamlessly own the shoppers’ experience while maintaining strong customer relationships.
Sourcing a 3PL like Shipt or Instacart limits control. Implementing a white label solution allows grocers to ensure that customer’s grocery lists are in the hands of trusted employees.

Never fail to provide efficiency in final mile delivery again.

Disparate systems are a thing of the past. Using a white label solution to complete and manage E-Commerce deliveries will optimize operations. White label solutions can seamlessly integrate order dispatch to POS and E-Commerce systems, completely automating order flow. Fast and intuitive API makes it easy to match the delivery job with the best, lowest-priced courier. You will no longer need to manage multiple couriers and systems again.

OneRail can help grocers scale and reduce costs with a retail-centric white label solution. Learn more here!

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