We know supply chain optimization
inside out. Your team will, too.

With thorough training and testing, our implementation experts and project managers tackle critical items in sprints, quickly turning all internal stakeholders into functional experts on the OmniPoint™ Platform.

Training and Testing at OneRail

Implementation Goals:

  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Increase Fulfillment Capabilities
  • Reduce Operating and Transportation Costs
  • Locate the Right Couriers at the Right (ROI-boosting) Rates
  • Leverage Route Optimization to Reduce Shipping Costs
  • Minimize Empty Space for Supply Chain Load Optimization
  • Develop a Strategy for Sourcing and Margin Optimization
“While every customer has different needs, and operates with varying degrees of project scope and target dates, one objective applies to everyone: achieving a quick time-to-value and training our customers to become accountable experts in optimizing their supply chains.”
OneRail CEO & Founder Bill Catania

Understand. Test.
Understand some more.

Our blueprint includes the following steps to supply chain success:


In determining how OneRail’s OmniPoint™ Platform can deliver a complete solution, we engage in discovery sessions to:

  • Understand your use cases
  • Determine your exceptions
  • Identify teams and leads
  • Select a system for communication


With full knowledge of your workflow and operations, we customize a plan specific to your needs, including:

  • Developing a cadence for updates on the implementation
  • Setting up courier integrations, with your internal fleet and/or external couriers
  • Determining OneRail Driver workflows
  • Addressing IT security considerations
  • Managing logistics
  • Conducting training


Leverage our growing number of enterprise integrations with OMS, WMS, TMS, POS, ERP and E-Commerce platforms. OneRail engineers begin configuring the OmniPoint™ Platform with your workflow and business rules in mind. This may include:

  • Enterprise integration (OMS, E-Comm, POS, ERP, WMS, TMS)
  • Customized workflows
  • Review your service levels
  • Set up reporting
  • Establish a data lake
  • Address IT security considerations
  • Develop training material


The phase where logistics optimization gets real. This will include:

  • Conducting QA testing
  • Determining a plan for bug fixes
  • Allowing for system adjustments
  • Launching your platform release

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