Value analysis, or value engineering, is a process by which our team with deep experience in the delivery fulfillment space evaluates a company’s current processes and helps them understand the value of an optimized supply chain.

To become a major player in the delivery orchestration space, you need:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Transportation Costs
  • Reduced Operations Costs
  • Increased Delivery Speed & Dependability
  • Cost & Efficiency
  • Courier Capacity
  • Unit Economics
  • Responsive Customer Experience
  • Multimodal Optimization
  • Program Uniformity

Digging into details

A combination of quantitative and qualitative research helps our team understand your network and your needs:


  • Data Gathering
  • OneRail Proprietary Benchmarks
  • Benchmark Analysts & Comparison


  • Value Engineering Q&A
  • OneRail Expertise
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Time Study
OneRail Value Analysis

Next, we’ll prepare a VEA ROI report that delivers:

  • Current vs. Future State Performance & Processes
  • Hard-Cost Reduction & Customer Experience
  • OPEX Savings
  • Improved Efficiency Ratios
  • Incremental or New What Space Selling Opportunities
  • Best Practices Sharing & Recommendations

Every. Customer. Happy.


A product manufacturer distributing items to retail is now saving a projected $13MM over 3 years by automating its dispatch system over Oracle through OneRail. The company is also experiencing impeccable dependability: a 97% on-time rate and 0 failed deliveries.

Delivering the Strongest ROI Against Customer Use Cases

From dynamic shipping modes, automated rate shopping and courier optimization, on through to the human touch of skilled exceptions management, the benefits of an optimized supply chain are vast, and sustainable.

Value Analysis

What’s in it for you

Optimizing with OneRail delivers big impact:

  • Decrease in Manual Dispatch/Order Management
  • Decrease in Exceptions Management
  • Decrease in Cost of Own Fleet
  • Decrease in Last Mile Courier Spend
  • Decrease in Cost of Phone Support
  • Decrease in Parcel Shipping Cost
  • Decrease in Order Refunds, Returns
  • Decrease in Inventory (Less in Float)
  • Increase in On-Time Rate, SLA Compliance
  • Increase in White-Space Sales
  • Increase in Gross Margin

Ready to see the value of what supply chain optimization will mean for your bottom line?

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