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  • Expanded delivery radius
  • End-to-end branding
  • Real-time net promoter score for CX feedback


Premier Pet Supply

Michigan-based Premier Pet Supply has been a family-owned-and-operated pet supply retailer for over 30 years. The company leverages OneRail to carry out e-Commerce deliveries for its stores throughout Metro Detroit.


Premier Pet Supply struggled to keep pace with mounting e-commerce orders. It needed a dependable, scalable same-day shipping solution. In-store team members were carrying out all deliveries individually, with the company assuming liability and risk for the in-house team’s personal vehicles, racking up 280,000 miles over two years.


Premier Pet is now able to keep their brand promise, in-store and out, and deliver a cohesive customer experience. By eliminating the need for in-house deliveries, Premier Pet team partners could return to the floor, managing the business and interacting with customers and their humans.

OneRail also provided Premier Pet with a way to maintain the safety of their deliveries, some of which included fresh or frozen pet foods and treats, and to be able to do so round the clock. OneRail’s unified approach not only provided the company with significant savings, it also eliminated the hassle of extensive coding and ongoing maintenance of building an in-house system for connecting to couriers.

Our experience with OneRail has been seamless — the implementation was swift and the platform was up and running in 14 days from our initial conversation. I feel like I’m quickly getting a piece of my life back; it helps to know that during those times when our team is overextended, OneRail’s trusted delivery network can step in to save the day.

Mike Palmer Premier Pet Supply Owner

After implementing OneRail, Premier Pet has experienced the following:

  • $60K direct annual labor cost savings from workers returning to store
  • $10K annual wear-and-tear cost savings on company-owned vehicles
  • 10% more deliveries due to a widely scalable delivery network

Through OneRail, Premier Pet increased their delivery capabilities to now offer:

  • 50% larger delivery radius
  • 100% SLA compliance
  • Delivery of big-and-bulky items
  • Peace of mind for the highest-quality CX

OneRail’s national Logistics Partner Network is unmatched among last mile delivery solutions, with more than 12 million drivers across 350 major U.S. cities.

We’re so excited to see the impact of the OneRail solution on the Premier Pet team. Before OneRail, the store owners were doing the deliveries themselves and couldn’t guarantee same-day delivery. Now they have expedited delivery, an extended delivery area and will expand with delivery capability.
Lisa Catania

Lisa Catania OneRail Co-Founder & EVP of Customer Success & Marketing

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