Get real-time visibility. We're talking 100% end-to-end network visibility.

Gain peak efficiency

OneRail’s API is the fastest matchmaker in the world, connecting deliveries with the best couriers, across all modes, at rates you set ahead of time.

Fleet asset management

Tracking couriers and assets takes time you don’t have. OneRail manages your fleet on your behalf, so you always keep your supply chain connected.

Change delivery outcomes

Say goodbye to package delays. Our Exceptions Assist™ team can change delivery outcomes in real time, so you meet your delivery SLAs every time.

OneRail's Last Mile Delivery Solution Fulfillment Process

The Path to Better Supply Chain Decisions

From order placement to proof of delivery, OneRail removes the friction for a thoroughly fulfilling fulfillment experience.

  • Order Placed — Consumer makes purchase, OneRail signaled
  • SLA Assigned — Desired ETA is set
  • Rate Shopping — API instantly finds lowest-priced courier
  • Labels Printed — Shipping labels display your branding
  • Courier Dispatched — Driver assigned, item out for delivery
  • Route Optimization — Weather/traffic determine fastest route
  • Exceptions Assist™ — 24/7 logistics team prevents exceptions
  • Customer Experience — POD captured, consumer rates CX

Layers of Security

Layers of Security

Carriers can leverage our built-for-privacy platform to satisfy shippers with sophisticated data security requirements.

  • Architected on the trusted Microsoft Azure platform
  • SOC 2 compliant
  • Aligned to ISO 27001 and NIST SP 800-53 standards
  • Follows CIS, CISA, DISA and COBITTM standards

We’ll integrate with your existing TMS. It’s never 100% rip and replace.

Modular, for a seamless approach

Like any API-first platform, we built our solution so there’s no bottleneck. The OmniPoint™ Platform is modular, with the flexibility to serve as a standalone platform or integrate with your existing TMS, and spans all shipping modes.

OneRails Modular System Integrates With Your Existing TMS

What you get:

  • Courier sourcing, onboarding & management
  • Multimodal rate shopping (Parcel, LTL, Courier)
  • Delivery & dispatch automation
  • Logistics management with Exceptions Assist™
  • Customer experience management

Delivery networks are more responsive with a platform, and more fluid.

It’s high time you get off Excel and tap into high-performing features that automate your last mile:

Delivery Cloud

Cloud-based decision engine that matches and dispatches each delivery to one or more couriers. Based on cube, queue, weight, delivery timing and more, this complex rules engine determines the best courier for each specific delivery. Delivery Cloud is the host for all platform micro-services, serving as a virtual hub for supply and demand.

OneRail Delivery Cloud Rules Engine Matches and Dispatches Couriers

API & Micro-services

Connect the demand signal (E-Commerce, ERP, Point of Sale) with both Internal and external fleets, or manually enter the delivery information. Manage as much of the last mile delivery fulfillment process as you wish for 100% real-time visibility.

The OmniPoint™ Platform utilizes a series of micro-services to connect the OneRail Delivery Cloud to various external partners and delivery transaction stakeholders:

1. Delivery API

Accepts inbound REST calls to create and schedule new deliveries on the OneRail network.

2. Push API

Accepts inbound REST calls to push delivery status updates to the OneRail network.

3. Transit Flow Engine

Determines the flow of packages through the OneRail network onto our courier networks.

4. Push Translator

Accepts and transforms inbound REST/SOAP calls from 3rd-party status update webhooks.

5. Label API

Generates printable shipper-branded labels for deliveries generated by the OneRail Delivery Cloud.

6. Transform Service

Accepts and transforms outbound package delivery information to match courier API requirements, and dispatches the delivery.

Advanced Last Mile Delivery Fulfillment

Connect the dots that need connecting, with the game-changing ability to modify delivery outcomes.

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OmniPoint™ Platform

Our data-driven visibility solution is architected on the trusted Microsoft Azure platform.

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