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Real-time delivery tracking

Seamless integration with over 450 courier companies enables real-time tracking and trace visibility, along with dynamic ETAs for your customers and operations team.

Get ahead of delays

A 24/7 Exceptions Assist™ team is your extra set of eyes, monitoring weather and traffic patterns to prevent delivery exceptions before they occur.

Proof of delivery

Like us, you’re not satisfied until delivery is complete. Get real-time visibility all the way to proof of delivery, through instant access to photo and signature evidence.

Real Time Visibility into Delivery Tracking | OneRail

When visibility isn’t enough

OneRail gives you 100% visibility into your delivery flow, but it’s way more than a visibility platform.

With the right mix of leading technology, dependable couriers and a vigilant CX team, the OmniPoint™ Platform offers the ability to change delivery outcomes in real time.

  • What’s the delivery timeline?
  • Which items are in the delivery?
  • Which driver has it?
  • Is the driver en route?
  • Was there proof of delivery?

Last Mile Delivery Tracking App | OneRail

The only mobile app your drivers need

Give your drivers real-time visibility when they need it most — when weather, traffic and other factors affect a delivery ETA en route. The OneRail Driver app provides drivers with live real-time last mile delivery tracking info, so your deliveries stay safe and arrive on-time.

OneRail Driver app benefits

  • Compatibility: Available on any iOS and Android phone
  • Navigation: Built-in GPS
  • Communication: Call or text the delivery contact
  • Proof of Delivery: Instant upload of signatures or photos
  • Ease of Use: Toggle on-/off-duty status, pickup/arrival, more

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OmniPoint™ Platform

Our data-driven visibility solution is architected on the trusted Microsoft Azure platform.

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