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Why start from scratch? OneRail sets you up for transportation procurement success with a free RFP template, so you can secure the right eCommerce fulfillment solutions faster.

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Getting requests for a digital solution to meet eCommerce demands?

How do you fulfill and support eCommerce objectives for your company? The landscape of eCommerce has rapidly transformed post-pandemic — eCommerce sales hover around 20 percent of total retail sales, and consumers are demanding speedy deliveries, personalized services and greater end-to-end transparency.

If your company has tasked your transportation team on procuring a cost-efficient solution to fulfill eCommerce orders, or same-day/expedited delivery, you don’t have time to lose. In fact, you’re gonna need a leg up. Begin your search and fill the gaps in your transportation services by making sure you cover all the critical considerations in your RFP.

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Simplify Your Job, and Your Supply Chain

Simplify Your Job, and Your Supply Chain

To simplify the process, we’ve developed a free RFP template to help retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers solve the most challenging piece of the supply chain puzzle — the last mile.

This comprehensive document was culled from real-world use cases and conversations with our valued customers, resulting in a deep understanding of what makes a successful partnership in the transportation industry: dependability, precision, speed, efficiency and an exceptional customer experience.

Perhaps you’re just starting a direct-to-consumer (DTC) initiative and have never thought about how to add same-day/expedited delivery into your transportation mix. No need to worry, because OneRail has thought of everything!

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Benefits of Using This Free Transportation Services RFP Template

  • Built on Real-World Customer Success: We’ve seen what works, and our template reflects the best practices that have brought successful partnerships to life. This means you can leverage the wisdom and experiences of industry leaders who’ve been in your shoes.
  • Time-Saver: Skip the time-consuming process of starting from scratch. Our template provides you with a head start, allowing you to focus on simply summarizing your workflow’s requirements.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that every supply chain is unique. Our template is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to customize it to your specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our free online RFP template encompasses all crucial aspects, from pricing to IT integration to service levels and more.
  • Professional Design: A well-structured and visually appealing document not only makes you look good, it also reflects your commitment to finding the right partner.
  • Expert Guidance: If you have questions or need further assistance, our team is here to help. We’re just an email away, ready to support you on your journey to finding your ideal transportation services.

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Impress Your Team — No Broker Needed

Impress Your Team

If you’ve only considered parcel services in the past and had your less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) handled by a brokerage, we’ve done the hard work for you by crafting a comprehensive RFP template that will help you take a strategic look at your transportation network and find all the tools you need to make it seamless. By providing comprehensive information upfront, you set the stage for better-informed and more competitive responses from potential partners.

The best part about using our template? You have an organized process to evaluate providers to make an informed selection. Our template has done the legwork for you, so you’ll look like a superstar when you present your approach.

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A New Approach to eCommerce Fulfillment

Traditionally, businesses might award their middle-mile and FTL transportation to four or five large carriers.

However, eCommerce presents a unique challenge. With its unpredictable nature, faster delivery expectations, varying dims and weights, dynamic fulfillment requirements, and increasingly high consumer expectations, taking a traditional approach no longer works. It only follows that the way you’ve been handling transportation procurement in the past won’t cut it either across today’s eCommerce landscape.

The alternate, modern approach is to work with an aggregated solution with established courier and carrier relationships. One whose rates are locked in, and whose easy implementation gets you up and running very quickly.

A true omnichannel solution will allow you to fulfill from store; offer same-day and next-day delivery; scale your fleet on demand; streamline and automate business operations; even a 24/7 Exceptions Assist™ team to watch over every truck and delivery for delays that could affect your SLAs (things like traffic and weather, etc.).

Essentially, one that will expand your delivery capabilities so you can offer everything that leads to higher customer satisfaction, an increased Likely to Recommend score and increased revenue.

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Download Your Free Transportation Services RFP Template

Procuring transportation services needn’t be a heavy lift. Make the shift to a more efficient, streamlined and dynamic approach to your eCommerce delivery needs. We’re happy to be your partner in modernizing your transportation and omnichannel fulfillment strategy, but your first step is taking advantage of our free downloadable RFP template to revolutionize your procurement strategy all the way through the last mile.

Fill out the form to download the free RFP template and take control of securing transportation fulfillment solutions that will save your company time and money.

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