OneRail integrates with Elite Extra

OneRail Integrates with TMS Provider Elite EXTRA to create a seamless connection for couriers and shippers

ORLANDO, FL. (October 29, 2020) OneRail, an Orlando based delivery orchestration and fulfillment platform, is proud to announce the launch of a technology collaboration with Elite EXTRA. OneRail and Elite EXTRA have completed an integration that enables couriers using the Elite EXTRA TMS platform to seamlessly connect with the OneRail ecosystem, allowing them to connect with some of the largest shippers nationwide. The integration creates an easy onboarding process for new couriers wanting to join the OneRail Logistics Partner network.

OneRail continues to extend connectivity to technology partners like Elite EXTRA in order to provide retail and distribution clients with the most expansive network of carriers and couriers in North America.   OneRail VP of Logistic Partners, Matt Schultz, explains: “The challenges our customers are facing today require flexible and reliable capacity on demand. Our integration with Elite EXTRA provides shipping customers with a broad and vast network of couriers that are available at any moment in time.”  Shultz added, “This is the flexibility and service required as we continue to see 30%+ growth in e-Commerce activity.”

This partnership gives Elite EXTRA’s clients the opportunity to gain immediate access to local, regional and national contracts for deliveries.  This growth opportunity for them will help scale their business accordingly and gain operational efficiency with more efficient route flow.  According to Elite EXTRA Founder and President Jim Ward, the integration not only will be a boost to couriers but provide reliability to shippers as well by streamlining the flow of information.

“This integration will be a boon for couriers, who will be called in to do more deliveries, and to shippers, who will be offered a flexible and economical solution to deliver their products,” said Ward. “We’re extremely pleased to be part of this streamlined logistics process that will assist a broad spectrum of users.”

OneRail is excited for this integration, expanding the OneRail ecosystem while providing incredible opportunities to Elite EXTRA’s clients!

About OneRail

OneRail is a final mile delivery orchestration platform providing real-time visibility, actionable data, and data-driven optimization capabilities for its enterprise clients. OneRail’s cloud-based “delivery switch” simplifies same-day and on-demand delivery execution by connecting the demand signal (POS, eCommerce, ERP) with an ecosystem of delivery networks and internal fleets, in real-time. The result of OneRail’s centralized view of disparate final mile data enables data-driven optimization, positively impacting the dependability, speed, and cost of final mile fulfillment.

About Elite EXTRA

Elite EXTRA, a product of Applied Data Consultants, is an advanced dispatch management tool that provides cutting-edge dispatch, routing, and tracking services globally.  Powering the Beacon TMS platform with Datatrac, this cutting – edge technology platform allows couriers to create optimized routes quickly, dispatch to their drivers, track them all in real-time, along with complete back-office functionality.  Drivers can manage their routes right from their devices, including features such as capturing digital signatures and photos, payments, communicating with dispatch, and modifying routes.

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