The Supply Chain of Santa Claus

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen articles and news reports documenting the massive supply chain hit of the holiday season. However, the one supply chain that is rarely mentioned is the most successful. This is nothing other than… North Pole Final Mile. Santa Claus, the man behind the magic, is known for his successful toy factory leading the industry and his ability to spread cheer across the world throughout December, but all of this trickles down to one night… Christmas Eve. We can assure you, there is no one else in the world who has mastered Final Mile as seamlessly as Santa.

Santa and his delivery team, Rudolph Logistics, tackle over 2 billion deliveries in just one night while covering international territories. With each delivery location requiring cookie consumption proof of delivery, in-home access, and multiple packages sorted accordingly per location… you have to wonder… how?

As the population grows and Santa has even more stops, all communications from digital and direct mail to the North Pole is funneled into his very own SCBM (Santa Children Behavior Management) platform. Through automation and segmentation tools, managed by Mrs. Clause herself, SCBM will properly sort the Naughty and Nice list. This is an access point for the entire North Pole Final Mile operations to track wish lists, behavior, the status of the nice list gifts, and location mapping. Santa’s database is extensive!

Via a simple API connection, Santa connects to the Rudolph Logistics Control Tower to seamlessly manage all deliveries. With Elf on the Shelf Logistic Coordinators stationed around the world and the exclusive technology of Snow Globe Monitoring, Santa has complete visibility of his final mile supply chain.

Santa has undergone a massive digital transformation but, ultimately, it all narrows down to Christmas Eve. With a significant increase in demand, Santa and his trusty partner, Rudolph, knew they needed to change the game. This gave birth to the world’s first flying reindeer courier, Rudolph Logistics. (And you thought drones were the future!!!) With an increased fleet of flying reindeers led by the original 8 and help from senior elves, Santa now has scalable reach across all international markets. Santa’s elves have strategically placed toy warehouses across the world for better distribution management and sleigh weight reduction allowing for faster fly time.

Santa’s claim to fame may be his jolly “Ho Ho Ho” and spreading Christmas cheer, but in our eyes, his real success is in supply chain and final mile delivery.

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