The Driver’s Side: Last Mile Courier Company Spotlight on Ced Xpress Logistics Inc.

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Just one year after its founding, the last mile courier company Ced Xpress Logistics has much to celebrate. As a OneRail logistics partner, Ced Xpress is experiencing rapid growth. Founder Cedric Deslandes started out driving for another company, and now has the valuable perspective of experiencing the ins and outs of today’s supply chain from an entrepreneurial point of view.

Founder’s Story

Deslandes began his career with OneRail as a driver for his brother’s trucking company, Ken’s Express Trucking Inc. In time, he recognized an opportunity to found his own courier business. He turned to OneRail, whose coast-to-coast Logistics Partner Network is comprised of 9 million-plus drivers.  

“My company was born because of OneRail,” Deslandes said. Today, Ced Xpress employs 15 drivers. 

Ced Xpress Logistics CEO & Founder Cedric Deslandes
Ced Xpress Logistics CEO and Founder Cedric Deslandes

Achieving Rapid Last Mile Courier Company Growth

“The biggest impact OneRail has had on my business is the ability to grow — fast,” Deslandes said. “I know a lot of people in the industry who start from scratch, and it’s tough. But from the Business Development team to the Exceptions Assist™ team, OneRail’s resources allowed me to scale my operations at what feels like a corporate level.” 

In addition to exceptions management, which is critical for ensuring a seamless customer experience, available resources to OneRail logistics partners include:

              • Rapid signup and onboarding
              • Immediate volume in the markets logistics partners want
              • The ability for drivers to set their own schedule and SLA speeds
              • Delivery tasks to fit drivers’ fleet assets

Powerful Last Mile Partnerships

One of the biggest advantages to becoming a OneRail logistics partner is elastic capacity — the ability to tap into an integrated network of trusted drivers when needed, whether in your current market or in different markets where you don’t yet have a presence. OneRail has couriers in 250 major U.S. cities, so capacity is never an issue.

Being a logistics partner for OneRail really feels like a partnership — I help them, they help me,” Deslandes said. “OneRail provides the stepping stones to allow small courier companies like mine to grow. Small companies don’t necessarily have the capital to hire out a whole team, but being able to leverage OneRail and its resources is huge.” 

Your Bottom Line

Small courier companies such as Cedric’s are devoted to the success of OneRail’s customers, and a seamless last mile experience. How can you benefit most from OneRail’s integrated network of vetted national couriers? Read more or contact us to schedule a demo.

Are you a courier or carrier company interested in expanding your market reach or scaling your business? Read more about OneRail’s Logistics Partner Network.

Driver’s Side is a new series sharing the success of OneRail logistics partners. If you are a OneRail courier or a OneRail carrier/courier company, send us your story to be featured in a future blog post.

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