Tactics to Boost Last-Mile Delivery for Retailers

Tactics to Boost Last-Mile Delivery for Retailers

Last-mile delivery doesn’t have to be a profit killer. High-growth retailers are winning in the Last Mile Economy.

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Retailers are turning to new approaches and tools to deliver products to households in spite of carrier capacity limits and price hikes. New research shows how retailers are adapting to change and adopting new tactics.

Who is this ebook for?

  • Retailer leaders seeking to make every online order a seamless and positive experience for customers
  • Retail logistics leaders who want to understand the newest technology and solutions for fulfillment
  • Retail operations leaders responsible for warehouse operations, order tracking, and inventory management

What you will Learn

  • How retail profits are being affected by red-hot demand for home delivery
  • Which parts of last-mile delivery are most challenging for retailers
  • Where it’s most expensive to ship
  • The top ways retailers are tackling the last-mile problem
  • The top technology capabilities retailers need to win in the Last-Mile Economy


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