OneRail Helps Logistics Partners Grow and Scale

The proliferated demand for eCommerce has created rapid growth for final mile delivery.  Final mile delivery has always been one of the most challenging steps in the supply chain. As if this wasn’t enough, consumer’s expectations have also substantially increased. Consumers have adapted to the “Amazon Effect”, expecting fast and free shipping. The push-in eCommerce growth and new expectations have pressed the need for logistics partners and couriers to deploy additional fleet and personnel in an attempt to keep up. As we emerge into a world post-covid-19, consumer’s expectations and purchase habits are here to stay.  To survive, couriers must find ways to adapt and scale their operations to satisfy the consumer.

Here at OneRail we have actively built relationships to ensure our logistic partners have the resources needed to grow and seamlessly scale to take on additional volume. Logistic Partners can grow their capabilities by accessing additional resources through programs fueled by partnerships. OneRail is committed to helping their partners sustain growth and success alongside them and have strategically partnered with companies they believe are suited best for their success. Current partnerships contributing to Logistic Partner growth include Veryable, Merchants Fleet, and Penske.

Veryable, our newest partnership here at OneRail, grants logistics partners instant access to highly qualified drivers on-demand. The ability to add and scale personnel is especially important as the final mile landscape scales to unprecedented levels. The program empowers logistics partners to flex capacity to support the changing demands of shippers.

Partnerships with Penske and Merchants Fleet increase fleet capability for our logistic partners, by allowing access to needed equipment. Our partnership with Merchants Fleet provides our logistic partners with a national fleet rental and leasing program. Under the partnership, Merchant’s Fleet provides multiple funding options and support services. The funding options available for our Logistic Partners include rentals, rent-to-lease, traditional lease terms, vehicle purchasing, and own-to-lease. A rent-to-own option is an exclusive option, created to accommodate the needs of industries like the final mile that experience rapid fluctuations. Partnering with Merchants Fleet allows our Logistic Partners to scale the high demands of shippers, with immediate access to fleet options.

EPIC1, one of OneRail’s Logistic Partners, has found a way to solve the problem facing other couriers while also completely upgrading their entire fleet through the partnership with Merchants Fleet. Devin Thomas of EPIC1 explained their success with OneRail; “We learned quickly that bringing your ‘A-game’ is the only way to survive, we did just that and subsequently have expanded into three markets. This really couldn’t have been done without the vertical and horizontal transparency that OneRail brings to the table for logistic partners.”

Moving into 2021 Devin predicts “steady growth in the markets that we are already in as OneRail is continuously partnering with additional vendors which just adds to our success in territories that we already exist by adding usability and profit centers to fleets and staff we already have in place.”

Penske-Truck In June of 2020, we partnered with Penske Truck Leasing to launch a  National truck Rental Account Program. The program was designed to reduce overhead costs for our Logistic Partners by enabling a wide range of rental options, from a panel van to a freight trailer. This initial partnership was initiated to provide OneRail’s Logistics Partners with a value-added service, allowing them to maintain growth. The incorporation of Penske’s national truck rental program allows Logistic Partners access to the best vehicles when they need it and where they need it.

As demands for eCommerce continue to grow final mile logistic companies must find new ways to scale volumes. The partnerships created by OneRail allow Logistic Partners to scale their operations with access to an expansive network of resources. The success of our Logistic Partners is a priority, and we are committed to providing the best resources.

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