Manifest 2022 Panel Replay: The Power of Data Analytics to Know Your Supply Chain

Recently, the OneRail team was in Las Vegas to talk data analytics in supply chain and to be part of the innovative and transformative solutions exhibiting at Manifest 2022, a tradeshow focused on the future of logistics.

OneRail CEO & Founder Bill Catania joined the “The Power of Data Analytics to Know Your Supply Chain” panel, alongside Harshad Kanvinde, Global Practice Head of Supply Chain practice at Slalom Consulting; Jason Murray, CEO & Co-Founder of Shipium; David Warrick, former General Manager of Global Supply Chain at Microsoft; and Dana von der Heide, Founder & CCO of Parcel Perform.

Catch the replay below!

The half-hour panel centers on:

  • Why data analytics are necessary to knowing your supply chain and making transformative decisions
  • How viewing actionable insights directly helps your customers
  • Why the localized supply chain goes beyond tech to pose cultural challenges in varying markets
  • How the panelists made decisions early on that dictated adaptability in this new supply chain world

Each panelist has the goal of achieving Amazon-type fulfillment within their organizations. “Better customer experience leads to increased revenue,” said Shipium’s Murray. “Prime members buy 4 times the amount non-members do. If you don’t have data and you don’t use it correctly, customers are gonna head in the other direction — you’re gonna end up paying more for slower shipping.”

Take 30 minutes to hear how these supply chain leaders are winning the last mile. And if you’re looking to do wonders for your last mile, contact us to request a demo.

Special thanks to the Manifest team and each of the panelists for granting permission to make this video available on our blog.

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