PODCAST: How Does a Delivery Platform Solve Last Mile Problems?

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast: OneRail Last Mile Delivery Platform

How did a platform approach to last mile problems turn out a game-winning solution for a major national tire distributor? And do only global brands see ROI from a last mile delivery platform, or can any-sized business benefit?

Get answers to all that and more as OneRail CEO & Founder Bill Catania talks shop with Joe Lynch on the The Logistics of Logistics Podcast. 


Hear OneRail’s origin story, the importance of data science and these other highlights:

  • How quality and cost are the two biggest components of any last mile delivery platform

  • How OneRail shippers don’t have to find carriers/couriers, onboard them, nor manage the deliveries

  • How a last mile delivery platform makes the Gig Economy super lean


00:21:11 How OneRail began as a courier company, then pivoted

00:31:19 The problem OneRail solved for a major national tire distributor

00:38:35 Why the Gig Economy needs a platform

00:55:17 What’s next for OneRail, and the industry

00:59:26 OneRail’s perfect customer

01:03:52 How data science transforms the supply chain


Listen from 37:00 to 43:00 for an overview of how the OneRail platform optimizes your entire last mile workflow in cost-saving, timesaving ways.

It’s more than just delivery. It’s exceptions management. It’s carrier/courier management — and that’s a big one, because our shippers and retailers don’t have to go out and find carriers and couriers and onboard them. And if you have a quality issue in one of the markets your carriers are in, that requires a conversation. So we’re taking a Customer Success approach to managing supply.

OneRail Last Mile Delivery Platform CEO Bill Catania

Bill Catania, CEO & Founder, OneRail

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