3 Critical Ways to Solve Your Last Mile Delivery Problems for Good

Real Time Visibility Shows Every Step of a Last Mile Delivery

Delivery problems are nothing new for shippers. The ones we list below are often the biggest headaches in the business. If these mirror what’s going on with your supply chain, read on for three critical solutions to solve last mile delivery problems for good. They just might change the way you do business.

Lack of visibility, rigid delivery methods: Solved by leading technology and flexibility

It’s not enough to give your customer a tracking number anymore. Flexible last mile delivery solutions go above and beyond — and inspire customer loyalty. To accomplish this, you need the capability to change delivery outcomes in real time.

OneRail mixes leading technology; dependable, vetted couriers; and a vigilant logistics team, so you can change delivery outcomes on the fly. And, your customers get proof of delivery, so all parties are guaranteed end-to-end visibility

Disappointed customers: Solved by transparency and communication, from your company

Supply chain issues are now part of our lexicon. By recognizing delays as a possibility before they happen, your customers won’t have the opportunity to get frustrated. This will also reduce customer service employee hours by saving them from “Where is my order?” (WISMO) calls. 

Transparency and directly communicating with your customers will result in better loyalty and less customer churn. Letting customers know delivery timeframes upfront gives them a sense of control over their situation, which often results in more satisfied customers. 

Also, you won’t want to push out confusing third-party messages with unfamiliar logos or lackluster communication to your customers. With OneRail’s last mile delivery software, it’s your company’s logo that’s front and center the entire last mile journey — contributing to a solid customer experience.  

Surprise courier costs: Solved by automated rate shopping 

Last mile delivery solutions can vary widely in cost. If you’ve ever spent time inputting cost data into a spreadsheet, you’ll know that the price of finding the most cost-effective solution can cost you time. Since time is money, stop spending employee labor hours on finding the best shipping cost and let OneRail’s last mile delivery software do it for you automatically. 

OneRail Logistics Partner Network carrier and courier rates are negotiated for you, so you can lock in contract fulfillment prices in real time. No more calling around, tracking every different courier’s prices in every single market, trying to find an amenable price. OneRail’s smart-matching API makes the decision easy for you, in milliseconds. 

Last Mile Delivery made easy 

Say goodbye to last mile delivery issues with our comprehensive delivery fulfillment solution. We want to help you be a hero for your customers and increase customer satisfaction by providing the right last mile delivery solution

To that end, let’s schedule a demo so we can walk through how each OneRail feature solves the specific problems listed in this post. Schedule your last mile delivery demo today.

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