3 Ways Business Can Benefit from Last Mile Deliveries

A delivery man stands outside of his truck, holding a package

When you put your customers first, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and increased sales volume follows. 

Last mile delivery solutions are designed to serve your consumer, so that everyone is happy. You — and by proxy, your customers — will benefit from reduced shipping time and costs, 100% visibility and a responsive customer experience. 

Reduced Shipping Time & Costs 

One of the biggest benefits of last mile delivery solutions is reduced shipping time and costs. OneRail uses a logistics platform that ensures your deliveries are on time and on budget. We use rate shopping, smart-matching and real-world visibility as our guarantee to make it happen. 

Rate shopping works by automating courier rate comparisons so you don’t have to phone around looking for the best last mile delivery rate. With the rate card you set in mind, our API instantly finds the lowest-priced courier suited to the capabilities needed for that specific delivery — and it does this for you in milliseconds. 

Real-world visibility — not just real-time — provides peak efficiency. With this, you’re able to see updates and insights every step of the way, such as delivery status notifications, whether the package is in danger of being delayed, etc. 

100% Visibility Across Your Entire Last Mile

Real-world visibility differs from real-time tracking because it gives you important information that may change your delivery situation. This way, you can change delivery outcomes on the fly if needed. That way, your package won’t be delayed and your customers will remain happy. 

Responsive Customer Experience 

Another one of the pros of last mile delivery with OneRail is the responsive customer experience. As you know, the best customer experience is one-to-one. You’ll be the only face your customer sees — there is no confusing third-party branding or logo on any of your packaging. 

Another aspect of preserving a consistent customer experience is the ability to integrate with your existing TMS or other system. While OneRail certainly can be used as a standalone solution, it easily integrates with E-Commerce through transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, order management systems, enterprise resource planning, point-of-sale systems, SAP and more. And the platform creates dynamic shipping labels to maintain your branding.  

Yes, you’ll be in control of the entire process, and you’ll have role-based access control that lets you decide how your staff accesses our highly secure platform, and which data they can view. We customize the OneRail platform to your specifications, and you control all of your own data. 

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There are many reasons to invest in last mile deliveries besides the three benefits we’ve outlined above. It’s no wonder why so many companies are looking to adopt this strategy as their own. 

With reduced shipping time and costs, 100% real-world visibility and responsive customer experience at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong if you choose to implement the power of last mile deliveries into your supply chain. To learn more about how we can help simplify your supply chain logistics through our last mile delivery software, fill out a demo request form today!


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